The Importance of Being Earnest

Scenic Designer

Charge Artist 

Props Master Advisor 

American Heritage School

Black Box Theatre

Fall 2017


Design Brief: The play was updated to the 1960’s to explore the 

comedy of manners is in a more modern setting. 


Influences: The characters were directly influenced from popular icons of the time. Jack being JFK, Algernon a very Austin Powers sort of bachelor, and the young Cecily aspiring to be like Twiggy. 


The colors and shapes in turn came from vintage photographs of home catalogs, talk shows, game shows, and the movie 

Austin Powers. 


Set pieces & Scene Transitions: Being a multi-scene play, the biggest 

challenge of this set was transitioning between the three locations, in such a small playing area, with no flying capabilities. 


We achieved this by having a semi unit set, where the walls spun around on a central axis to reveal the two interior locations of 

Algernon’s flat (top) and Jack’s flat (bottom). To achieve the garden scene at Jack’s home, ivy garden trellises were brought out and fitted between the walls and platforming. The density of the trellis, made the dark blue walls behind them, disappear. 


Furniture also helped set each location. Algernon’s flat was adorned with mod, plastics in whites and bright colors. Mismatched shag through pillow area, and rounded shaped furniture gave his flat a young mod feel. 


The garden was dressed in greens and tans. Iron seating with a floral pattern gave the area and outdoor feel, and the addition of flower pots and ivy’s set the location. 


Jack’s home was quainter. Still had a fashionable flare, but was created with straight modern sleek lines, in comparison to Algernon’s frilly flat. 


Production Team


Director: Dr. David Klein

Technical Director: Tim Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Hair & Makeup Designer: Ellen Dawson

Properties Master:  Nikolas Serrano 

Photographer: Ryan Bible

Downstage walls
Faux 1960's stone tile
Downstage walls
Algernon's Flat - Wallpaper
Waxed fabric glued with wallpaper paste
Act 1 -Algernon's Flat
Act 1 - Algernon's Flat
Floor pillow lounge stage left
Act 1 - Algernon's Flat
Bar are stage right
Act 2 - Jack's Garden
Act 2 - Jack's Garden
Act 2 - Jack's Garden
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