Caucasian Chalk Circle


Scenic Designer

Stagedoor Manor

The Garden 

Summer 2015


Design Brief: Set in an Irish pub, the story was told by the pub owner. Crates and barrels, stacked in assorted arrangements, created the different locations and furniture pieces. The floor and wall panels were chalkboard 

surfaces, allowing the actors to draw out 

certain scenes of the story. 


The entire design had to stem from a base set, constructed earlier in the summer. Due to weather, the set was never used during show week. Time, money, and the potential for more rain, dictated that the base set be reused. 


Stained glass: Soft cover flat painted with an elmers glue and hardware store paint



Archway Conflict: The original model shows a lower archway, than what ended up being in the final set construction, due to the height of the barmaid, who stood 6’4”. Her important monologue, and unveiling of the Irish flag was blocked on the top platform of the stairs, and sightlines blocked her entire face with the original archway. 


Archway Solution: Large hinges were added to the back of the center arch. The unit was carefully tipped back, allowing the facing to be taken off and altered to the appropriate height. 


Bar light practical: A found lamp shade, painted with hardware store band, and chipped to appear as a glass bar lamp shade. The fixture didn’t make it stage due to weather constrictions.


Production Team


Director: Autumn Smith

Technical Director: Jake Salgado

Lighting Designer: Brandi Pick

Costume Designer: Sarah Pearson


Initial sketch
Sketch front elevation
Day show
Night show
Stained glass
Stained glass
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