Logo Floral Arrangment

Lululemon - Sawgrass Mills 

Spring 2019

Store Front Window


Design Brief: The store wanting something eye catching to help attract customers into the store during the week leading up to International Women's Day. The over all feel needed to be feminine without being overtly stereotypical and pink. The chose was made to use more tropical colors, and a higher value pink to create a very "south florida" vibe. The flower arrangement served for the feminine side, and the leaf texture of the back fabric mimics palm tree fronds, brining in the beach/tropical feel. 



Assembly: Using a projector and a jig saw, the logo was transfer and cut out from a piece of luan. Fake flowers were attached with high temp hot glue, and the fabric was draped and glue around to the back side. 


Painting:  I chose to paint the main floral side in a green, to hide any bare wood showing between the floral pieces, and make the overall project appear fuller. The fabricated side was based in a pale peach, to give an extra vibrancy and pinkness to the fabric once light was shown from above. 



Production Team

Store Manage: Katie Murray 

Community Assistant Store Manager: Laura Sadowsky

Final front side
Final Front Side
Final In-Store side
Final In store Side
In progress draping
First cut
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