James and the Giant Peach

Scenic Designer

American Heritage School

American Heritage Center for the Arts

Fall 2016


Design Brief: Capture the essence of the children's book with bright colors and scary silhouette's for the aunts. 


Influences: The director and I both took influence from both the original book art, and the style of Tim Burton.


Set pieces: Scenes not inside the Giant Peach happened in front of a mid-stage traveler with small rolling set pieces to suggest the various locations. A crew of middle and high school students ran the show.


Color: Outside of the peach, the colors reflect the gloomy and sad feelings James has toward his current situation with his aunts. While inside of the peach, the colors are warmer and bright, to reflect the happiness and warmth James feels when he is with his new bugs friends

Peach structure: The main peach structure, where the bugs come to life, is a magical place. This is a place where a little boy can play and hide from his scary aunts. I want this set to reflect something a child could play on like a jungle gym, with cozy corners to read, and playful shapes. 


Production Team

Director: Brian Lovejoy

Technical Director: Timothy Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Properties Master: Meghan LaLonde


Prelim sketches of peach unit
Prelim sketches of garden units
Garden Tree production
Garden Peach with tree
Garden Gate
Train Station Bench
Orphanage Bed
Inside the Peach
Curtain Call with Peach
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