Guys and Dolls

Scenic Designer

Charge Artist

Props Master Advisor

Design Brief:  The director wanted the show to match the 

music, bright and happy. We chose to go with bold pops of color and added globe lights to many set pieces to create a golden age classic musical.


Set pieces: Being a multi-scene musical, many set pieces were created to be used both front and back so save on offstage storage space. For example, the New York City side walls for the street scenes, would turn around to create the interior of the mission. 


Scene Transitions: The use of backdrops and flying scenic elements helped greatly in the transition of the scenes. In total, we used 2 

backdrops; sewer and an urban city, a solid full stage black drape, and the cyc. Deck scenic units were either castered or used a carpeted base to glide on and off stage. One challenge was the use of side dance light. All scenic pieces and drops had to be choreographed so that scene could be taken on and off only moving up and downstage, in between drops flying in and out. 


Sewer Drop: This was a custom made cut drop. The center area was cut out, so that a rolling oversized pipe could fit inside of the 

opening, allowing dancers and actors to enter from upstage. 


The Scenic Painting 1 class helped size, cartoon, paint and cut the drop.

Production Team


Director: Johnpaul Moccia

Musical Director: Nina Vanderhoof

Choreographer: Renee Brown

Technical Director: Tim Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Hair & Makeup Designer: Ellen Dawson

Props Master: Zane Mosher 

Photographer: Meghan V. LaLonde



Newspaper Stand
NYC Street
Initial drop sketches
Sewer drop rendering
Sewer Drop Progress
Sewer Drop
Hotbox Club
Hot Box Club
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