Charge Artist

American Heritage School

Black Box Theatre

Fall 2016 


Design Brief: A classical look on a 

Georgian interior with mathematical and artistic influences, depicting Thomasina and Hannah’s outlook and struggles of their changing environment. 


Influences: The director and I are both drawn to the idea of Fibonacci’s spiral, and how it is both mathematical and natural, being found in roses. We want to bring this into the floor treatment, that feels subtle, but still encompasses the set. 


Color: Working closely with the costume designer and director, I designed the main walls to be a warm green, and the floor a dark wood. The idea is to ground the set in nature, while the architecture stands out in white, to showcase the angles and mathematical values. 


Ground Row: Outside of the windows, a ground row is to paint in the style of a JMW Turner watercolor portrait. The vibrant colors and mushy detail is chosen to portray the changing of the gardens and how Thomasina views what she doesn’t yet understand. 


Production Team


Director: Johnpaul Moccia

Musical Director: Nina Vanderhoof 

Choreographer: Renee Brown

Technical Director: Timothy Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Hair/Makeup Designer: Ellen Dawson

Properties Master:  Kyle Dawson 

Photographer: Ryan Bible 

Store exterior
Masonite brick texture with a sponge, series of washes, and highlights/shadows to differentiate each brick.
rusted I-Beams using joint compound and wet blend
Brick details
Algae added to brick to add to the worn look
Windows & Concrete
Full stage
dip dyed sheets of velum
Foam scumbled and spatterd
Full stage
Full stage
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