All because of Agatha

Scenic Designer

Charge Artist

Props Master 

American Heritage School

Black Box Theatre 

Fall 2017


Design Brief: Agatha is a comedic ghost story set in the 1960’s. The haunted house is an old American Colonial home from the witch hunting days, up for sale. 


Set: The set was created to be a unit basic interior, mimicking historic details of a late American Colonial set. I updated the color scheme to match the ideals of the 1960’s and make it more “marketable” to the future home owners. I kept all of the traditional molding and wall paneling’s. 


The furniture was meant to be simple and plain, with a large variety of sitting spaces, for all the guest to relax on during the witch séance.


A large picture hung above the mantel depicting Agatha, from when she was a girl before her burning at the stake. The actress who played Agatha was brought in and photographed in front of a green screen. Using Photoshop, I created a canvas textured oil painting of her in traditional American Colonial clothing. The assistance of costuming, or hair and makeup was no used in creating the portrait. 


Magical effects: A few magical effects were added to further heighten the witch’s magical hauntings. A few practical’s were added to the set and flickered anytime Agatha casted one of her spells. 


The garden doors SR were also rigged to suddenly slam shut with no apparent gust of wind to close them. 


Lastly, at the end of the show, we incorporated fog as Agatha was finally banished from the house. 


Production Team


Director: Brian Lovejoy

Technical Director: Tim Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Hair & Makeup Designer: Ellen Dawson

Photographer: Meghan V. LaLonde

Home buyers
Selling the home
Selling the house
The homeowners
The board maid
The news reporter
Calling the spirits
Welcome Agatha
Under a spell
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