Vanya, and Sonia, and Maha, and Spike


Charge Artist

University of Alabama

Marian Galloway 

Spring 2015


Design brief: Interior sunroom in a 

Pennsylvania home, looking out over the mountains and lake. 


Wall texture: A thin scenic dope and paint mixed was spread across the walls. Half way through dry time, water was sprayed on, and then rolled with a sponge roller to pucker the texture. Finally, sponging was added in areas for highlight and shadow. 


Beams: Hogs trough cover in pink and blue foam. Dry brushing technique with acetone for a bark texture. Doping to prime the surface and wet blended. 


Stone Wall: 1” pink foam green glue to flats. Using a heat knife, the stone mortar was cut out. Stippling the stones with acetone, and water, erosion occurred. Rounded edges with a heat gun and rasp. Doping over the foam to prime for paint. 


Floor treatment: 4 color wet blend with a satin glaze. 


Ground Row: Cartooned out from designer rendering. Initial color was scumbled in, and layered up through sponging with highlight and shadow to give depth.


Production Team


Director: Jeff Tangeman

Scenic Designer: Garrett M. Walsh

Technical Director: Russell McKinley

Lighting Designer: Chris Collins

Costume Designer: Christina Johnson




Full stage
Wooden beams & Ground row
Acetone on beams
Dope process for beams
Painted wood beams
Carved foam wall
Doping foam wall
Stucco texture walls
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