The School for Lies


Charge Artist

University of Alabama

Marian Galloway 

Fall 2013


Design brief: Interior living room with influences from the French baroque era.


Wallpaper: A seven-step process to achieve the green wallpaper. 

1. Wet blend with two shades of green

2. Spatter and rag roll 

3. Lining yellow vertical lines

4. Roll in dark green stripes

5. Stencil & roller stamp 

wallpaper patterns

6. Spatter & rag roll over top


Adams style panels: Using a pounce, we lined out the outline of the panels. A research image provided by 

designer to tromp l’oeil the ribbon and oval. 


Crown molding: Made from vacuform, each berry clump was 

individually painted. 


Marbled fireplace: Scumble and 

veining added with ostrich feather. Textured with a sea sponge, and given an all over wash and gloss finish


Production Team


Director: Gavin Cambron-Webb

Scenic Designer: Andy Fitch

Technical Director: Nate White

Lighting Designer: Ed Pottorff

Costume Designer: Donna Meester



Full Stage
Hidden door
Faux marble fireplace
Detailes of faux wallpaper
Stage process
Bedroom stencil
Bedroom wall
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