The Birthday Party


Scenic Designer

Charge Artist

University of Alabama

Allen Bales Theatre

Spring 2014


Design Brief: A 1960’s on the British seaside, with an absurdism twist. 


Influences: The director took a lot of 

influence from the British 60s television show The Prisoner. Design wise, the set needed to feel like the 60’s but slightly dated, as though Meg worked hard to keep a nice house, but the woods didn’t all match. 


The cyclical nature: To bring out the absurdism, and cyclical dialogue, the details of the set all came together through devices of circles. The coffee table, wallpaper 

pattern, bench, side table, light switch, beaded curtain, and all the nick knacks around the set incorporated curves. 


Hanging windows: 3 windows were hung from the grid around the stage to give the home an ominous and looming feeling, as though the characters were always being watched from above. How else could have McCann and Goldberg found the house? Lighting positions and gobos helped 

emphasize the jail-like shadows off the 



Color: Working closely with the costume designer and director, we designed the set to be muted colors typical used in the 1960s. The regular tenants of the home began to blend into their surrounds, while visitors popped out from the environment.


Production Team

Director: Matt Davis

Technical Director: Andrew O’Neil

Lighting Designer: Chris Collins

Costume Designer: Cassie Hoppas

Properties Master: Liz Whalen 



Click images for full screen view
Full stage
House right
House left
Peek-a-boo mail slot
Kitchen window
Paint elevation
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