Charge Artist

University of Alabama

Marian Galloway 

Fall 2014


Design brief: Two white washed houses with a sweet picket fence. Over the years the houses have aged, and the furniture has rusted. 


Peeling paint: To recreate a look of peeling paint on the two homes a 4 step process that included wrapping tissue paper around the beams. 

Step 1: Wet blend of whites

Step 2: Grey dry brush

Step 3: using a 2:1 water to paint ratio, paper mache tissue paper on set. 

Step 4: carefully peel off parts of the paper and dry brush brown. 


Tree stump: Made of 2x4 and shaped with chicken wire. A paper mache of scenic dope and paper pulp was a applied. Painted and airbrushed. 


Production Team


Director: Jeff Tangeman

Scenic Designer: Andy Fitch

Technical Director: Randy deCelle

Lighting Designer: Ed Pottorff

Costume Designer: Donna Meester



Click images for full screen view
Full stage
Weathered left house
Paint & paper weathering
Weathering screen door
Rusted patio chair
Doping tree stump
Painted tree stump
House structure details
Porch woodgrain & lining
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