Charge Artist

Poster Designer

University of Alabama

Marian Gallaway

Fall 2015


Match the French baroque style of painted marble on wood, based off an existing portal. 


Initially we color matched to the exisiting portal, and the new renderings provided by the designer. Once seeing the set under light, the all white high gloss marble, recieved grey washes, and heavier veinging to eleminate reflectiveness on stage. 


Marble: A two color scumble with a spatter texture. Thin veinging with a lining brush with a grey wash over top. Another darker spatter, an a heavy veining overtop. 


Windows: Frames made of steel was primed and painted


Production Team

Director: Seth Panitch

Technical Director: Randy deCelle

Lighting Designer: Brandon Smith

Costume Designer: Cassie Hoppas

Properties Master: Lindsey Kelly 


Click images for full screen view
Marble portal
Full stage
Veining of marble doors
Initial scumble and spatter
Grey wash
Set load in
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