Man of la Mancha


Scenic Designer

The Wick Theatre

Boca Raton, FL

Spring 2015


Design Brief: The location of the play was set in a jail, with Moorish architectural influences. To incorporate the story telling nature of the dialogue, the set needs to also act as a performer. Traps and secrete hidden passages were designed to pull scenery and props from, allowing the characters to build the story as it progressed. 


Platform layout: Originally their were only a handful of platforms that wrapped around the perimeter of the walls, leaving more open playing and dance space. Upon director request, more irregular platforms were added. 


Doors: Space limitations did not allow for oversized doors. To carry the Moorish influence, inset arched paneling was added to the door details. 


Confessional: The architecture and shape of the unit, was adapted from an earlier sketch to use the arches as a traveler onstage. Rigging restrictions, ultimately cut the arch traveler, and the design was scaled down and reused for the confessional unit. Actors “found” the broken pieces within the nooks of the jail, and constructed it. 


Research: This entire project was done across the country, through emails and phone calls. Research images became the best device to communicate set dressing to the crew, while I was away. Many things could be pulled and adapted from their stock. The horse and donkey were created with old crates, and collaboration with

costuming and props to make the 

animal heads.


Production Team


Director: Dominic Ruggiero

Technical Director: Timothy Dickey

Lighting Designer: Jose Santiago

Costume Designer: Kimberly A. Wick


Click images for full screen view
Initial sketch
Back stair unit
Paint elevation
Confessional drafting
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