Exit 27


Charge Artist

The Landing Theatre Company 

O’Kane Theatre

Houston, TX

Summer 2013


Design brief: Create an environment that made the audience feel the heat of the desert, and the red dirt constantly blowing into the worn down shack. 


Floor: Originally a 3 color scumble; heavy fine spatter was pooled overtop to give a sandy texture. Toward the edge of the playing space the floor 

became richer and red tones to bleed up into the desert ground row. 


Shack: The shack was textured with a two-color wet blend. Dry brushed and finally stippling around parts of the beams to reflect mold. 


Graffiti wall: The graffiti wall was made of corrugated plastic. A wet blend was applied to give the look of streaking rusted tin. Using spray paint, 

graffiti was added. Many of the set dressing pieces also included the rust and graffiti. 


Production Team


Director: Anne Quackenbush

Scenic Designer: Kristina M. Miller

Technical Director: Kathryn Fairbanks

Lighting Designer: Riana Canetti-Rios

Costume Designer: Kristina M. Miller




Tromp l'oeil box
Graffiti wall
House left
Graffiti wall
Desert floor and sky
Rusted set dressing
Mold texture
Rusted tin texture
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