Young Frankenstein


Scenic Designer

Poster Designer

University of Alabama

Marian Gallaway

Fall 2015


Design Brief: Capture the essence of the hit Mel Brooks movie, with quick set changes. 


Influences: The director and I both took influence from old monster movies for the labratory scene, and Young Frankenstein the movie, for the overall stylization of the show.


Set pieces: In total we crunched 22 scenes into 3 locations, playing either in the castle, in front of a village drop, a grand drape. We set each scene with rolling set pieces and lighting specials. 


Stained glass: The stained glass was created by streatching a thin weight muslin and pouncing the design onto the canvas. Black latex paint fill in the lead lines both on the front and back of the canvas. This created an opaque barrier for the rit dye used in the glass sections. A gloss glaze was spattered over top for a final texture. 


Color: The castle was set in grey tones in contrast to the white lab coats, and vibrant colors of the towns people and Elizabeth. The Drop mimiced the cartoonish style of the costume, creating a little village. 


Production Team

Director: Stacy Alley

Technical Director: Justin Mosher

Lighting Designer: Emily Phillips

Costume Designer: Emily Haggerty 

Properties Master: Liz Whalen 


Click images for full screen view
Hermit hut sketch
hay cart
Set in progress
Castle walls
Castle foam arch
Rose window pounce
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