Twelfth Night


Charge Artist

Poster Designer

University of Alabama

Marian Galloway 

Fall 2014


Design brief: Recreate a grungy outdoor street scene of New Orleans in the 1920’s. 


Drop: Previously, the drop was made to act as a scrim, and painted on a leno scrim material. This production decided to use the scrim as a cyc. In order to paint over the existing 

forest scene, while keeping the lightness of the rendering, we white washed the entire drop. To create the splash of light, multiple layers of paint wash were splash and scumbled onto the scrim, increasing saturation. Spatters of each color was added to feather blend 

between each color section, and add texture. 


Rusted wrought iron: The railings made from luan were scumble with grey tones, and black. A grey spatter was added, and then silver very lightly dry brushed to achieve the iron look. Finally, sponging and stippling technique used to paint on the rust. 


Signs: Signs were light using EL wire. Prior to wiring, each sign was scumbled, sponged for dirt, and hand lettered to emphasize the EL wire. 


Production Team


Director: Seth Panitch

Scenic Designer: Andy Fitch

Technical Director: Nate White

Lighting Designer: Chris Collins

Costume Designer: Emily Mae Billington

Click images for full screen view
Poster design
Drop in progress
Drop & full stage
Band stand
Weathered center unit
Stage left house
Stage right bar
Moon sign
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