35mm: A Musical Theatre Exhibition

Scenic Designer

Charge Artist

Props Master 

American Heritage School

Main Stage Theatre

Spring 2017

Design Brief: Transport the audience to a modern rock concert by 

using state of the art projection technology in conjunction with 

angled truss beams to give an edgy feel that compliments the musical selections, and stylization of the projected photographs. 


Influences: Modern rock/pop concerts, award shows and TV show sets. 


Set: A unit set worked perfectly for this show. The director requested multiple levels to create layers and depth with the cast on stage. In collaboration with the lighting designer, angled and vertical truss beams were added for extra lighting positions, as well as stage effects for coloring the truss beams. 


Color: The color of the set itself was to remain neutral in blacks and silver to mimic a typical touring concert set. Aluminum tape was added to the perimeter facing in order to show off the shape of the overall set. 


Projections: The images for this show were given as part of the 

musical production. It was important to our concept that images were large and visible to all of our audience. One challenge was the images are in different aspects ratios; panoramic, landscape and portrait. The production team also did not want to solve the problem with a basic square which would have appeared flat against the unique angles in the truss and platforms. We achieved the jagged edges of the screen through soft masking within the projection 

software, as well as leaving a couple of LED screens off the overall area. 

Production Team


Director: Johnpaul Moccia

Musical Director: Nina Vanderhoof

Choreographer: Renee Brown

Technical Director: Tim Dickey

Lighting Designer: Ryan Bible

Costume Designer: Nichole Dickey

Hair & Makeup Designer: Ellen Dawson

Photographer: Meghan V. LaLonde

Initial Rendering
Image orientation and space restrictions made this screen arrangement unrealistic.
Final Image Arrangment
Aluminum Silver Tape
35mm Opening
Crazy Town
Crazy Town
Make me Happy
Transition 2
Transition 2
Show More

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